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What is ADHD: A Personal Perspective

There’s nothing I find more frustrating than researching something like ADHD and just finding pages which mention the same old things over and over again as if copy and pasted from the world’s most boring definition of

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Finding (daily) Focus Within the Chaos

Part of being a creative person is that you do get pulled in all these different directions, right? You’re always wanting to, like explore and that’s where the beauty and the the creativity and the really unique, unique

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Art Beto – Artist Website

Alberto came to me wanting support to turn his hobby into a business. We started with 5 x 1 hour sessions where we worked out his target audience, branding and product range and then worked together to

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Avatar Template for Creative Businesses!

Know you need to work out your customer avatars but not sure where to start? We’ve got you covered with this awesome template made specifically for makers and artists! Check out this article to learn more about

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