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What is ADHD: A Personal Perspective

There’s nothing I find more frustrating than researching something like ADHD and just finding pages which mention the same old things over and over again as if copy and pasted from the world’s most boring definition of ADHD handbook. Storytelling is one of the most effective ways of educating an audience, so this definition of ADHD is what ADHD means to ME. And what I notice in others that I’ve met who have ADHD brains.

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Weed, Seed & Grow Weekly Planning Template!

Know you need to work out your customer avatars but not sure where to start? We’ve got you covered with this awesome template made specifically for makers and artists! Check out this article to learn more about customer avatars and why you need them!

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Finding (daily) Focus Within the Chaos

Part of being a creative person is that you do get pulled in all these different directions, right? You’re always wanting to, like explore and that’s where the beauty and the the creativity and the really unique, unique ideas come from right?  It’s when you can kind of play and let yourself get pulled in the different directions. But then the problem that we have is that the things that we don’t want to do kind of don’t get done or we don’t enjoy it, or it feels like a chore and then we’re like why am I even running this business? So anyway.. Here’s a little strategy I teach, and use myself when there’s a never ending to do list of random things that keep morphing into a bigger more chaotic task dragon… don’t fight it… be it’s friend. You know you wanna! But you gotta tame it right? I hope you enjoy it, if you do let me know so I can give you more ramblings 🙂  The below blog is a transcription from an instagram live I jumped on to do. Why publish it on the blog? SEO! But also, I figure it’s better to have unpolished content that is authentic

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Reversabub – Reversible Childrens Clothing Website

After working with Kylie on and off for a few years together we rebranded her reversible handmade childrens clothing brand previously named St David Studio 3065 kids to REVERSABUB. We worked together to find a new name, put together brand guidelines, built her a woocommerce store and planned and implemented her launch. With Kylie’s new branding and professional assets, she’s been able to secure a spot at the Finders Keepers Convention in late 2022, and several new wholesale stockists. Product Development As one of in.cube8r’s “Cubers” Kylie and I have had many a conversation over the years about her product, what customers, like, what they don’t and how to improve. It’s been amazing to watch Kylie’s brand develop over time to be in.cube8r’s number one selling brand! Rebrand Kylie’s brand was initially called St David Studio 3065 as it started as a joint venture with her husband who is an artist. She actually started out doing mens dapper wear, but was drawn to creating clothing for kids. After a while, Kylie outgrew the name, so we got to work on finding a cute and creative name that encapsulated her products unique selling proposition Reversible Childrens Clothing. Once the name

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5 tips to be less passive in business

5 easy tips to help you be less passive in business

Let’s talk about being less passive in business I had two things happen in the last few days that stood out to me as times where we are too passive. One of them was in a mentoring session recently, I had an artist saying that she had contacted heaps of galleries, heaps of potential stockists to have her work there by email, but she hadn’t heard from them. And she felt like she was a failure. She felt like they didn’t want what she was selling, that they didn’t like her stuff, that, you know, she wasn’t good enough. And I was like, Honey, that’s, that’s not what’s happening here. The other example, or the other thing that happened was more about my business, I had some interactions with a larger business. And some things were not going the way that I thought that they would. And I just assumed that they didn’t like me. But on reaching out to them, I realized that it was a technical problem. So that got me thinking about how many of us are WAY too passive in business and I did an Instagram live video with five tips on how to be less

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Art Beto – Artist Website

Alberto came to me wanting support to turn his hobby into a business. We started with 5 x 1 hour sessions where we worked out his target audience, branding and product range and then worked together to develop a simple online store where he can sell his archival prints of his Urban Landscape illustrations. Alberto will be holding his first exhibition late 2022.

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Avatar Template for Creative Businesses!

Know you need to work out your customer avatars but not sure where to start? We’ve got you covered with this awesome template made specifically for makers and artists! Check out this article to learn more about customer avatars and why you need them!

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11 tips for Instagram Reels! Promoting your handmade brand online using Reels

I wrote this post with content ideas on how to promote your handmade brand online using Reels and got all these wonderful questions during the workshop I ran with cubers that went with it! So I have compiled them all together for you so that you can learn more about posting your own Reels! 11 tips for Instagram Reels 1. How do I make a Reel? Well, that’s a good one! Video coming soon! 2. How do I add text and have it show up nicely. Adding text is tricky, you need to get it in the right spots to make it shine. I recommend centering all your text, and being consistent with how you decorate it (fonts and colours). Keep it towards the centre of the video and consider that on your feed it’s only going to show a little taller than a square so try and keep it within that amount of space. 3. Should I post to stories or my grid or just the Reels tab? Up to you. I think you want to be creating evergreen content with Reels (content that doesnt get old) whereas stories are fleeting and only last for a short time…. That

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The Marketing Rule of 7 & how to use it for your handmade brand

The marketing rule of 7 by Elle-May Michael Marketing Rule of 7 and how to use if to promote your handmade brand The marketing Rule of 7 states that a prospect needs to “hear” an advertiser’s message at least 7 times before they’ll take action to buy that product or service. in the digital age, it’s even higher than 7… so how can you implement this rule for your creative business? Take your customer on a journey from beginning to end in your instagram stories this may look like doing posts about: talking about the idea/concept showing the drafts/experimentations showing the prototypes showing it being made showing it being packaged showing it being loaded to your website showing it in the wild By taking your customer on a journey you are helping them familiarise themselves with the product, and helping them build trust with you, the brand! Add to this some “scarcity” limited edition one of a kind and you’ve a winning combination! Remember You don’t have to work hard on your social media for it to be effective Share your process and your journey with your fans, communicate with them, and entertain them. Create the kind of content YOU

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Create an aesthetic on-brand instagram grid that hits all your content pillars

Create an on-brand instagram grid that covers your content pillars

There’s so much to think about when it comes to deciding what to post on your instagram. Not only do you have to consider what to post on stories, reels, grid, IGTV and whatever else appears between me writing this post and you reading it, but you have to have a consistent strategy in place to make sure you’re hitting the right points in your marketing! While each of the different Instagram functions are important in different ways, your instagram grid is the first thing a potential customer sees when they visit your page. So, alongside having an optimised instagram profile, you want to be sure that your grid is designed to be more than just aesthetically pleasing; showing your visitors within the top few posts, who you are, what you do and why you do it (all while looking on brand, and put together). So here is my guide to creating an aesthetic on-brand instagram grid It will help you keep your grid organised, aesthetic and making it work hard to convert your new visitors into followers. And at the end, a downloadable template with my complete strategy on how to create an aesthetically pleasing grid without spending too much

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