How to write an ABOUT US page for your handmade brand

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So, you’re trying to work out how to write an “about us” page for your handmade brand. Good on you for doing the research first!

The about page is often the page that gets made last, or is completely ignored when creating a website.  This a real missed opportunity, because it’s actually one of THE most important pages. Your about page helps build trust and speaks to your target audience in a way that other pages will not!

In this post, I’ll be going over what you need to include on your about us page to help you convert visitors into loyal customers.

But first, let’s address a really important point.

Your “about us” page, is not actually about you. It’s about the customer!

Your about us page, is not actually about you at all!
Your about us page, is not actually about you at all!

Copywriting is a tricky beast, and one worth exploring when you have the time and motivation (here’s some copywriting tips for you). Whenever you’re writing copy for your website, captions on social media, product listings etc you should always be writing with your target audience in mind. Make sure you’re addressing their needs and desires.  You want to be addressing their pain points subtly while telling them a story that helps them connect with you, and your brand.

Think about your own behaviour when checking out a website. You are likely have a look at the product / service, then click on the About Us page, so you can see if the brands values align with your own. No one wants to support their enemy or a soulless corporation! We like knowing who we are giving our hard earned dollars to. It builds trust and makes us feel more comfortable with the otherwise impersonal process of shopping online.

So with this in mind, how can we write an about us page that hits all the right pain points? Let’s dive in!

Step 1 – Know your target audience

Before you write an ABOUT US page for your handmade brand you need to know your target audience!
Before you write an ABOUT US page for your handmade brand you need to know your target audience!

Now I know, this seems VERY HARD- particularly when you’re running a handmade brand. Of course everyone is welcome to buy your products and your customers buy your products because they make them happy!

However, there is ALWAYS a motivation behind spending. You just need to spend some time working out what that is. This often gets overcomplicated because we don’t want to niche down and cut out potential customers, BUT don’t worry! By addressing one customer’s needs you are not excluding the needs of another. You are ensuring to speak directly to an audience that wants to support you and buy your products. If you’ve not yet worked out who your target customer is, you might like to also check out this post about creating your customer avatar.

Step 2 – Make a list

write an ABOUT US page which tackles your customers pain points!
Write an ABOUT US page which tackles your customers pain points!

Now that you are clear on who you are writing for, we can start putting together your about us page!

Start by writing a list of your customers pain points, wants and desires.

This is going to be the bones of your content, kind of like when you write an essay you’ll jot down your main points before putting your actual essay together.

Using a fictional handmade jewellery brand as an example, those pain points might be

  • Wanting to look great on zoom calls, without getting out of her PJ’s
  • Needing to find affordable jewellery, as she’s a 23 year old who’s just finding her feet and learning how to survive on her own
  • Wanting to shop local, because she is conscious about where her money is spent
  • Needing the earrings to be hypoallergenic, as cheap jewellery tends to make her ears infected!

Step 3 – Make another list!

Write an ABOUT US page which informs them of everything they need to know about YOU!
Inform them of everything they need to know about YOU!

We’re going to make another list now! But this one is going to include all the things you want to mention about you, your brand and your why.

Things you might include on this list could include

  • A bit about you, what led you to running this brand?
  • What do you make, why is it special?
  • Where are you based, Where are your customers based?
  • What motivates you, what is your WHY?
  • What are your values?
  • What is your unique selling point?
  • Anything noteworthy to share, have you been featured somewhere special like a magazine or won an award?
  • Are you a member of any organisations which make you look important?
  • Do you have any stockists? Do you do markets? Where can people find you?
  • A call to action or next step that the reader should take after reading the page (shop now, order commission, join mailing list)

Of course, you may like to save some of these points for another page! But write them all down, and then use what works… Or, maybe write up a blog post on each? More pages / posts = more SEO!

Step 4 – Start writing

Now you have a list of things to talk about, and you know who you’re talking to! So get that content listed in an order that is logical to follow and start turning each point into a short paragraph that speaks directly to your target audience.  Some points could be combined together to create one paragraph, some might need a few. You might break it up into sections with large headings and photos… get creative!

When you write, use language that your audience would use (ie, everyday approachable language, avoid jargon they won’t understand) and of course be careful to check spelling and punctuation! If you’re a one-person business, I suggest writing in the 1st person (I rather than we/they) as it’s more personal.

If you find this hard, don’t beat yourself up. Many people struggle with writing about themselves. Don’t be afraid to make a start- and remember- you’re not writing about yourself are you? You are writing about… YOUR CUSTOMER! If you’re really struggling at this point, consider getting someone you trust and who believes in you to write it for you. You’ve already done the hard work with your lists, there’s no shame in asking for help!

Step 5 – Add Photos (yes of you too)

write an ABOUT US page which tackles your customers pain points!
Make sure to include photos of you and your products when writing your about us page

Now is the time to get a little creative and add some photos, maybe some infographics created in Canva, some colourful and exciting graphic elements to make your page sparkle and pop!

Don’t forget a photo or two of yourself! I don’t know about you, but I find that knowing what a persons face looks like, makes me trust them a lot more. Connection is really important, so adding that personal approach will make a huge difference when it comes to building trust with your audience.

That’s it!

You now have a gorgeous about us page for your website. You can also repurpose into blog posts, your various online profiles and that’s going to work it’s magic for you in the background while you are sleeping! You may want to go back and revise it a few times after trialling it for a while, and ask friends and colleagues to have a read and let you know their thoughts… it’s always good to get second opinions!

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