Let’s create you a simple & actionable instagram strategy


Posting without a strategy? How’s that working out for you?

If you’re drowning in a puddle of despair just thinking about what you should post, or posting random content with the hopes that it somehow magically creates an engaged audience that are keen to throw their money at your brand… this one’s for you! In this session we’re going to work out what you should post, when you should post it, and what format it’s going to be in… all while keeping how much time you have, your skillset when it comes to creating content, and your goals for your creative brand.

In this 1:1 Instagram Strategy Session we will

  • Come up with a posting strategy that works for you, and your brain
  • Create a well rounded plan that includes reels, static posts & stories
  • Discuss your brand voice, and your goals for what you want to achieve from posting on instagram
  • Discuss strategies on how to increase engagement and conversions from your instagram posts.

You’ll leave this session with a strategy you can start implementing immediately, in your own time, with the tools and skills you already have.

  • 50 minute 1:1 session with May Michaels
  • Personalised advice tailored to you and your brand
  • Your opportunity to ask all your burning questions
  • Recording of the session so you can check back to it later
  • A list of action items for you to tackle in your own time


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